What do you drink with chocolate?

With the Shocolata tasting box we give you suggestions which drink you can combine with chocolate.

We have currently opted for four different types of chocolate, whereby we have opted for a build-up of purity.

The cocoa beans come from different countries, which gives an extra taste explosion for the ultimate chocolate experience!

Our chocolate is made with the greatest care by experts. There is a QR code on the packaging that leads you to our website, where you can find our suggestions of combinations.

The great thing about this is ‘Nothing is right and nothing is wrong’, it’s about your taste experience.

Share your experience with your fellow tasters and then enjoy the flavors together. The Shocolata tasting box is nice to receive, but also to give.

We wish you a lot of tasting pleasure!

Trial in three steps:

  1. Smell your glass with your drink, take a sip and let it pass through your mouth. What are you tasting? Have a piece of chocolate.
  2. Smell the chocolate (what do you smell?). Feel the structure of the chocolate. Take a bite of the chocolate. Let the chocolate melt and pass through your mouth. What do you try now? Now take another sip of your drink and taste the effect of the chocolate taste.
  3. The taste is different due to the combination of these two elements.


Don’t forget to take regular sips of water in between to neutralize your taste!

Compare this to your fellow tasters, the taste may be different for everyone. There is no right or wrong!

and Chocolate

Discover our Whisky and chocolate tasting suggestion. we have also prepared a sample form for you.

and Chocolate

Discover our Beer and chocolate tasting suggestion. we have also prepared a sample form for you.
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