Beer & Chocolate

Shocolata Bier en Chocolade

whiskey and chocolate. We’ll go into a little more detail about the combination. By naming the whiskey types, we can give you an even more idea of ​​what tastes like with it. Note that everything is of course about your personal experience and what you taste. After all, it is a taste experience for everyone personally and this is more of a tool to give you an idea. Experience the flavors of Shocolata whiskey and chocolate. We wish you a lot of tasting pleasure

Trial in three steps:

  1. Smell your glass with your drink, take a sip and let it pass through your mouth. What are you tasting? Have a piece of chocolate.
  2. Smell the chocolate (what do you smell?). Feel the structure of the chocolate. Take a bite of the chocolate. Let the chocolate melt and pass through your mouth. What do you try now? Now take another sip of your drink and taste the effect of the chocolate taste.
  3. The taste is different due to the combination of these two elements.

Don’t forget to take regular sips of water in between to neutralize your taste!

Compare this to your fellow tasters, the taste may be different for everyone.

There is no right or wrong!


Pils, Kriekbeer
67% Cacao


Weizenbeer, Porter, Quadrupel beer
73% Cacao

Papua new guinea

Weizenbeer, Porter, Qualdrupel beer
76% Cacao


Saison, Braun beer,
80% Cacao


Indian Pale Ale (IPA), Dubbel beer
85% Cacao


Stout, Tripel beer
90% Cacao

Shocolate Tasting-box

By now your tasting-box
and experience that taste of Schocolata

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